System Restore

Just like your computer, phone, and nearly every other gadget in your life, you come with a factory setting; the way you’re programmed to operate and all the software this requires.

Let’s say that your basic factory-set operation requires you to eat only certain foods; requires you to move relatively frequently, at times fast, and at other times, under a degree of heavy load; requires you to recharge (sleep) for a certain period of time; requires for you to keep synchronicity with the sun; and requires your stressors to only be intermittent.

These all become your basic operating parameters and how you were intended to operate, honed over generations of testing. What if, then, you begin to operate outside of your design specs?

You begin to add all manner of novel food-like substances into your system; you limit movement or cease it altogether; you inadequately recharge your system; you de-synchronise your internal clock; and you stress the system chronically.

Such a violation of your normal modes of operation would surely see your warranty become void?

In the computer world, it is a well-known fact that when you run multiple programs on your system, particularly those which might be more novel, bug-ridden, third-party programs, some ‘conflicts’ or mismatches begin to occur. The system can run slow or even crash!

If you’re running close to your operating specs and you have only recently loaded a single novel program on, the fix for any conflicts or mismatches will be as simple as removing the offending new program.

But what if you have multiple programs causing multiple conflicts? Your food program is conflicting your sleep program. Your sleep program is conflicting your movement program. Your stress program is conflicting your sleep, food, and movement programs. And now your sleep program is conflicting your food program, causing a horrible negative feedback loop.

Your system is sluggish, overloaded, stressed, and unstable.

It can no longer do what it was supposed to (and used to do) out of the box. One possible way of fixing such a scenario is to uninstall all of the known problematic programs and to wind the system back to a point in time when it was functioning normally. In other words, perform a ‘system restore’ back to a known point in time when few, if any, conflicts existed.

In humans, this ‘system restore point’ is the basis of the ancestral movements. These movements (grounded in evolutionary biology) all assume that our best system restore point is the one just before we started to make some problematic changes to how we operate.

The tracksuit-inc 10 Healthy Habits is the underlying basis to reset your system, as best we can, and as closely as possible, with your factory setting.

The success of this strategy, and the time it will take to have an effect, will often come down to just how committed an individual is to taking ALL the individual programs (food, movement, sleep, etc.) back to those basic settings, and how many of the more novel and potentially problematic programs are completely removed (processed food, movement restrictions, sleep disruptors, etc.).

Restoring yourself back to your factory setting and providing yourself the best platform will help you avoid the dreaded blue screen of death!

For businesses, unfortunately their IT strategy is often more advanced than their people health strategy. The photocopier gets regular servicing yet some workplaces create environments that promote ‘bugs’ in their people (highly processed snack machines, poor natural light and lack of opportunities to move).

To get the most out of their employees, workplaces also need to consider how they can help keep employees operating at their factory settings!

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