How Healthy Is A Broc-and-Go?

“All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; only the dose permits something not to be poisonous.”  Paracelsus, circa 1535

Consider this example:

You wake up in the morning and you have a bowl of broccoli and a couple of slices of toasted broccoli for breakfast.  By mid-morning you are hungry again so you have a ‘Broc-and-Go’ drink which promises you all the goodness of two heads of broccoli in every pack.  For lunch you have a broccoli salad, and after being hassled by friends, you also succumb to a broccoli muffin to go with your skinny broccoli latte.  Feeling a bit peckish late in the afternoon, you remember you have a bag of chocolate-coated broccoli florets in your bag, which you finish off (you always find it so hard to control yourself once you have started eating those).  Heading home and dinner is on the table – stir-fry broccoli – your favorite.  Late in the evening, the kids have gone to bed, and you decide to relax with a cup of tea and some broccoli crackers.

In one day, you have consumed a whopping dose of broccoli.  And this is a typical day.  You do this day after day.  Year after year.  Your body’s ability to withstand the onslaught of broccoli’s toxicity diminish with every daily dose.  After many years, you find your health slipping away, you have the early signs of several degenerative diseases creeping in (which you readily dismiss as “just getting old”), and all your attempts at fixing your problems have revolved around eating ‘lite’ broccoli, ‘diet’ broccoli, and ‘broccoli-free, I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-broccoli’ broccoli.  All with limited and short-lived success.

Now obviously nobody eats broccoli in this way.  You may think this is absurd!  Ridiculous even.  But even consuming what is considered a ‘healthy food’ would cause health problems with such a high dose.  Broccoli contains compounds [goiterogens] which can be quite toxic, particularly to your thyroid gland.  Because we do not overdose on broccoli, however, it never causes any issues.

What are you eating in high doses that may cause toxicity?  You may be surprised.

Replace ‘broccoli’ with any combination of ‘wheat’, ‘sugar’, ‘vegetable oils’, and/or ‘soy’.  These four cheap and malleable food production ingredients are in virtually EVERYTHING that comes in a box, carton, can, or jar.  In other words, you could be overdosing on these ingredients particularly if your diet consists primarily of ‘fake foods’.

Does this sound familiar?  You have cereal (wheat) mixed with sugar, soy, and vegetable oil, plus toast made with wheat and sugar, smeared in vegetable oil and a wheat and soy-containing yeast spread for breakfast, a ‘convenient’ wheat + sugar + soy + vegetable oil ‘health drink’ mid-morning, a sugar + soy-laden wheat sub-sandwich, or a pasta salad for lunch, a soy latte and wheat + sugar muffin in the afternoon, maybe a few rice crackers, which still somehow seem to contain wheat, sugar, soy, and vegetable oils, perhaps a sneaky chocolate bar at the service station containing yet even more sugar and soy, and load up on a large plate of wheat-derived pasta with some sort of wheat / sugar / soy / vegetable oil sauce.

You can soon see how your daily ‘dose’ of these evolutionary novel ingredients mount up and become toxic to the body.

From a straight common sense perspective, does it make sense to be basing two-thirds of our diet on just four ingredients contained within highly-processed foods?

Ditch the ‘fake food’ and ‘eat real food’ – a variety of fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and seeds.

Maybe even some broccoli!

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