We are clever people that have been involved in the workplace wellness industry for a long time.


– We’ve seen the fads come and go, the promises made but never delivered.
– We’ve seen the ‘research papers’ promising spectacular ROI’s that most businesses cannot prove themself.
– We’ve seen the ‘wellness experts’ that believe lots of qualifications automatically translate into great programs.
– We’ve seen programs that assume everyone is driven by the desire to improve their health and fail to engage those that need it the most.
– We’ve seen those that try to over-complicate health – eat this, do that or just promote a health message touted by someone else.
– We’ve seen stealth wellness companies owned by large business trying to sell more product.


What we know is that if a wellness program requires too much effort from the business and doesn’t provide enough variety for employees in the long term… it will fail.


The tracksuit-inc® program is specifically designed to provide businesses with a low cost workplace wellness program that’s jam packed with a variety of health initiatives that require minimal administrative input.


There is something for all your employees at tracksuit-inc®.